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  1. fucken dumb ass
beavis iz a fucken dumb ass cuz hes sooo stupid
butthead saiz „im wearing a birthday suit”
beavis saiz „o0oo0o is it clear”
butthead „lmao….ur a fucken dumb ass”
beavis saiz „lol” „


2. fuckem  
Means for get what everybody thinks about you, or what they want you to do. Its also another way of saying „What ever”.
1. You’re not good enough to hang out with a certain crowed. “Fuckem”
2. A group of people don’t like you because you act different. “Fuckem”
A political pundit or commentator who is unable to think for her/himself.
Fox News uses the opinions of politiclones to bolster support for the Bush Administration.
Hillary Clinton  
Former First Lady of the 41st President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, and a possible candidate for the 2008 Democratic nominee for President.

Undoubtedly the ugliest woman ever to grace this Earth and a fair argument for abortion rights in that respect. An embarassment to this country, and next to Michael Moore the quintessential synonym of outspoken.

The only people who really like Hillary Clinton won’t even be allowed to vote in the next election, because they are in prison.

This soundly defeats any notion that Hillary Clinton could win an election.

If Hillary Clinton was President, she’d start a war once a month.


Stilul EMO
an hero
Stilul critic
To commit suicide, regardless of how stupid the reason is or is not.
Someone stole Mitchell’s iPod, so he became an hero.
  an otto  
when someone has a cock so unbelievably miniscule that it goes inward into the body.
„Damn have you seen his dick?”
„Yeah, it’s an otto it looks like my vagina.”
as retarded as Hillary Clinton
Britney Spears  
More hated in America than Osama bin Laden… and that’s really, really sad.
Michael Jackson
The process in which a black man becomes a white woman.
Michael Jackson went through a Michael Jackson

 Starea vremii

British weather  
(adj.) bad unless you’re used to it, in which case you like it.
170 of rainy bliss per year, marred by 52 days of summer sun. Oh well.

Fun fact: Despite having the lowest number of useable days in Europe, Britain has more convertable cars (by percentage) than any other european country.


God’s gift to mankind
And God saith „Let there be happiness”, and there was marijuana





The cash crop that is the reason that North Carolina and Virginia are still on the map. One of the products that has been most important to the US economy.
Tobacco has supported me my whole life through high school and now in college.


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